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Road Construction

Depending on the condition of the road, it is excavated down to the base (gravel) or sub-grade (clay) layer. The base and surface are replaced, and the sub-grade is re-stabilized. All curbs and gutters will be redone, and utility lines may be relocated. The road is expected to gain 30+ years of life.

An overlay is a prophylactic treatment that reduces the likelihood of a full reconstruction being required in the near future. The road's deteriorating asphalt surface is removed and rebuilt in order to improve road structure and avoid the need for more significant reconstruction in the near future. Estimated increase in road life of 10+ years.

In contrast to a reconstruction, full-depth reclamation does not require the removal of the road's base materials. After pulverising the asphalt surface and mixing it with the existing base, a new layer of asphalt is laid. This method is much faster than whole reconstruction.

Because of the relatively short season of temperatures warm enough to do road construction in, we need to work during every opportunity afforded to us. Therefore, some projects may still be underway during the back-to-school season.

On the surface, there may appear to be minor damage, but the layers beneath require more significant repair. The layers disintegrate as roads age and the weight of traffic wears them down. Completing construction now resolves the smaller issues before they become larger, more expensive safety issues. This also helps to increase the road's overall lifespan.

Every effort will be made to keep traffic congestion to a minimum. Access to residential residences and parking may be impacted by some developments. Construction will be done in smaller chunks in these circumstances to reduce the distance residents will have to park and the amount of time each property will be impacted. Any road closures will be announced in advance, and every effort will be made to reopen traffic lanes as soon as feasible.

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Weather can impact progress, especially in areas where the road has been removed and the base is exposed to the elements. It is common in construction to encounter unidentified third-party utilities in a different place than expected. Sometimes this can be addressed with a last-minute design change; other times construction has to wait for the utility to relocate their services. We must ensure there is enough work ready in a particular phase before bringing in our crews and equipment—otherwise, bringing these resources in multiple times can be very costly.

Work can be defined as inadequate at times (by a municipality, by the contractors or by consultants). Defective work discovered within two years of construction must be removed and replaced at the contractor's expense. Other times, work might be installed temporarily to make the road accessible to vehicles during construction.

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