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Trust. It’s a simple word that holds a tremendous amount of weight. And when it comes to the foundation upon which our cities thrive, trust is everything. For over half a century, we have been exceeding expectations and leading the way for subgrade preparation in Alberta. When it matters, where are you going to put your trust?

We undertake projects from commercial, industrial and large residential clients. From highway up-gradation to municipal improvement tasks, we do it all. DeFord is proud to carry a Certificate of Recognition in providing a safe working environment. We perform routine internal and external auditing to ensure that we avoid risks and accidents whenever possible and follow all the mandatory guidelines laid down by the Alberta Construction Safety Association.

DeFord Contracting. Doing the work. Since 1967.

Subgrade and Gravel Services in the Edmonton area

Subgrade/Gravel Services

Commercial Parking Lots

It is critical to level and contour the subgrade in order to ensure efficient drainage. DeFord ensures that the subgrade and aggregate foundation are properly compacted, which is an important step in ensuring long-term surface performance.

Since 1967, DeFord has been northern Alberta's trusted choice in subgrade and gravel preparation work.

Finished Contouring

Finish grading is the process of preparing the ground to bring it within the required elevation tolerances for a construction project. It is carried out to contour and shape the intended area by removing huge chunks of soil, rocks, and other unwanted debris, resulting in a smooth surface.

With the impressive fleet and experience of DeFord Contracting, you can rest assured that your next finish grading and contouring project is done right.

Gravel Roads

Gravel road construction requires careful planning, preparation, and the use of specialised grading and compacting equipment. You want a smooth, consistent surface that can withstand high loads and harsh weather without cracking.

Whether you're building a little section of road on a smallholding or a network of gravel roads that span a wide region, DeFord has you covered.

Level Base/Specific Slope

It is critical that structures be constructed on level ground. Aside from the inconvenience and impracticality of having a building erected on an uneven surface, it's crucial to remember that the structural forces operating on a structure can substantially compromise the structural integrity of a structure that is not built on a level foundation.

Using our sophisticated techniques, surveying talent and long-serving history of building on Alberta's soil, DeFord Contracting can tackle any level base project that you may have in mind.

Municipal Roadways

DeFord Contracting has the engineering and construction talent for any street, roadway, or access road construction project, from municipal roadways to subdivision roads. As sole or joint contractors, we provide expertise in the design, groundwork, and construction phases of Alberta road construction.

For over 55 years, DeFord has been the contractor municipalities trust to complete and manage projects of all sizes and complexities.


When we think of public places, we usually think of huge open spaces like squares and parks. The lowly footpath is often disregarded, despite the fact that it is an equally crucial, if not more so, public place for urban social life. The majority of people will utilise a pathway at some time during their day. Because of their pervasiveness, they have become an integral element of urban life.

Lean on DeFord's experience and leadership in the industry to ensure your next pathway project is perfectly on-track for success.

Their personnel are capable of providing input and viable solution options to challenges that arise over the lifespan of a project. It is without hesitation that I can recommend DeFord Contracting Inc. as a surface contractor for similar projects.

Featured Subgrade/Gravel Projects

Photo of Uplands, Various Stages

Uplands, Various Stages

Qualico (2018)

Photo of Keswick, Various Stages

Keswick, Various Stages

Rohit Group (2020)

Photo of Keswick - 182 Street

Keswick - 182 Street

Rohit Group (2017)