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Our communities are more diverse than ever, comprised of people that enrich, support and nurture the populace with rich experiences, interests, cultures, traditions and desires. We know that to build the places that we work, play and live, our company performs best when it is made up of an inclusive and diverse range of team members.


Our strength lies in the company that we keep. We know that to build systems and spaces that support our diverse communities, we need to employee people from a wide range of ethnic, racial, cultural, experiential and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We are an equal-opportunity employer that is working hard to build a workplace that feels safe and inviting to all workers and their unique families.

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Where you do your work is as important as how you do your work. This is why we employ inclusive practices in our workplace to ensure that each employee feels supported and capable. This includes things like adjustable lighting, sit/stand desks, mobility-sensitive access, supportive technolgies, and more.

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We are committed to working with partners who share an all-encompassing viewpoint on diversity and inclusivity in the workplace. Some of our trusted partners that share this belief include:


We partner with associations who hold strong values and support building diverse and inclusive neighbourhoods. We are proud of the over half-century of work that we have done, laying the foundation for the places we can all live, work and play.

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We know that sentiments shared online can be very powerful. This is why we employ active social listening practices to proactively resolve concerns before they become large problems.

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Their personnel are capable of providing input and viable solution options to challenges that arise over the lifespan of a project. It is without hesitation that I can recommend DeFord Contracting Inc. as a surface contractor for similar projects.

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