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Strong. Durable. Resilient. We build lasting concrete infrastructure so life’s moments can happen where they’re meant to.

DeFord's history in concrete construction follows our industry-leading attention to detail and ability to solve unique concrete project challenges. We exemplify efficiency in the use of resources while providing a safe working environment. Because our services are concentrated within the scope of baseworks preparation, we are focused on giving you applicaiton-specific, detailed work to meet your needs.

DeFord Contracting. Doing the work. Since 1967.

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The approach, or driveway apron, is the area of the driveway closest to the road and is usually composed of the same material as the remainder of the driveway. Because most municipalities have building standards that govern driveway aprons, changing yours if it's in terrible shape or you want to enlarge the driveway can be difficult.

DeFord Contracting has been putting their skill, workforce and fleet to design and create long-lasting, high-quality concrete approaches for decade.

Dumpster Pads

Metal dumpsters and trash trucks exert a lot of force on pavement. Because concrete is a firm substance, it will not as easily acquire dents and dimples in the surface like asphalt will. And when wire mesh or metal rebar is added to the slab, it creates an incredibly durable matrix that will withstand the weight of a trash truck for far longer than asphalt.

We lean on a thorough process and decades of experience, humanpower, and a massive fleet of heavy equipment to ensure the work we do is to the highest quality and exceeds your exacting specifications.

Gutter Extruding

DeFord has decades of experience in concrete construction. We can facilitate a wide variety of curb profiles that meet provincial standards through the use of our state-of-the-art machinery fleet. This allows us to provide our customers with the highest quality of product available in the industry.

Whether you need a strip curb to border a driveway or a curb running the length of your regional municipality, DeFord Contracting has the knowledge and capability to get the job done safely, efficiently and with the strictest attention to detail.

Municipal Sidewalks and Patios

One of the most important responsibilities of a property owner, whether residential or commercial, is to ensure the safety of everyone who lives or works there.  Adding sidewalks and curbs is one of the simplest and most effective safety measures you can take.

The concrete experts at DeFord will collaborate with you to create a strategy that meets the needs of your property and will work fast to achieve outstanding results.

Roadway and Parking Lot Curbing

Extruded curb is commonly used to encircle a parking lot or landscaping, preventing dirt and grass from spilling onto the pavement in the event of severe weather. It's made by "extruding" a sand and concrete combination via a metal shoe, which makes it stronger and more durable.

We have been working in the industry for over half-a-century, so we know curbs and gutters better than anyone else. DeFord Contracting: doing the work, since 1967.

Their personnel are capable of providing input and viable solution options to challenges that arise over the lifespan of a project. It is without hesitation that I can recommend DeFord Contracting Inc. as a surface contractor for similar projects.

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