Commercial Snow Clearing

Our Experience

Born and bred in the harsh climate of Alberta, we know snow clearing. Our meticulous attention to detail and desire for client satisfaction ensures you get timely service where it matters most.

During Edmonton's hardest winters, DeFord's huge fleet and professional operators have you covered. Commercial, industrial and condominium properties can all benefit from our commercial snow removal services. Blading, hauling, removal, and ice control are among the services offered.

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Commercial Snow Clearing Services in the Edmonton area

Commercial Snow Clearing Services

Municipal Streets

In order to keep residential streets safe and traffic flowing, regular and timely snow removal is required. A skilled and organised team with the right equipment and know how is required to effectively clear the snow from the complex weave of streets and parked vehicles that line the roadways.

For over 55 years, DeFord Contracting has been operating in the Edmonton area, supporting the places we live, work and play in by providing efficient, reliable municipal street snow clearing services.

Parking Lots

This winter, don't be concerned about impending storms. We actively monitor weather system data as part of our professional DeFord snow removal services to guarantee our crew is ready to respond 24 hours a day, seven days a week. To ensure that driveways and parking lots are not obstructed, your properties are snow plowed and cleared of snowdrifts on a regular basis.

With a large fleet of heavy equipment and the workforce and skill needed to tackle any municipal street grading job, DeFord is your number one choice for reliable commercial snow clearing.

Regional Roadways

The vast network of roadways that connects our cities and towns together are critical infrastructure. They need to be kept in optimal surface condition, regardless of whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at them. This means timely, trustworthy snow clearing services that stay in step with the weather.

DeFord continues to be counted on by regional municipalities such as Edmonton, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, Beaumont, Leduc, Spruce Grove and Stony Plain to keep their regional roadways flowing and safe for commuters and pedestrians alike.

They have highly competent staff from labourers, to foreman, to managers. Overall, I trust that at the end of the day, DeFord will do everything they can to stay on schedule and help execute a job that will make everyone successful.