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Step One
  • highlight the vision of the project
  • document what needs to be achieved (objectives)
  • discuss the project, cost-saving measures and risks
  • define the project scope and establish project boundaries
  • receive approvals to proceed
Step Two
  • answer the questions related to who, what, where, when & why
  • establish a budget for the project
  • assemble a team to run the project
  • define and communicate the scope of work to the team
  • create and communicate the project timeline to the team and client
  • identify resources required for the project
Step Three
  • conduct pre-job kick-off meeting to introduce the team to the client
  • assign & order resources for the project
  • assign tasks as per the timeline
  • put the plan into action
Step Four
Monitoring & Control
  • monitor progress to ensure the project is on schedule and budget
  • adjust the timeline as needed and update the client
  • manage the workflow
  • obtain approvals if extra work outside the original scope arises
Step Five
  • ensure the scope of work is complete
  • ensure the client is satisfied
  • analyze how team members performed and provide feedback
  • boost morale & productivity for the next project
  • ensure if mistakes were made, they are communicated to better ensure they don’t reoccur
  • invoice the project in full

Experience & Performance

For 55 years, DeFord has been building the foundation for the places you live, work and play. We have an extremely experienced team that takes pride in establishing and maintaining good reputations with our clients and the residents of the neighbourhoods we serve alike.

Here is a small sampling of our past work.

Meadowview Way


Meadowview, Stage 17

Scope (Completed in 2019)
  • Roadway Stabilizing
  • Graveling
  • Concrete
  • Paving
City of Beaumont

City of Beaumont

2019 Neighbourhood Renewal

Scope (Completed in 2019)
  • Roadway Excavation & Removals
  • Concrete R&R
  • Hydrant Replacement
  • Milling
  • Cement Stabilizing
  • Graveling
  • Paving
  • Line Painting
  • Landscape Restoration

Rohit Group

Keswick, Various Stages

Scope (Completed in 2020)
  • Subdivision Surface Improvements
  • Roadway Stabilizing
  • Graveling
  • Paving
Township Road 522

Strathcona County

Township Road 522 Corridor Improvements, Stage 1

Scope (Completed in 2017)
  • Stripping & Grading
  • Waste Excavation
  • Common Excavation
  • Borrow Excavation
  • Culverts
  • Topsoil Replacement
  • Roadway Excavation
  • Road Reconstruction
  • Cement Stabilizing
  • Graveling
  • Paving
60 Street

City of Beaumont

60 Street Widening & Montrose Asphalt Trail

Scope (Completed in 2019)
  • Excavation & Grading
  • Clay Import
  • Cement Stabilizing
  • Graveling
  • Pour Concrete C&G and Separate Walks
  • Asphalt Widening
  • Milling
  • Prefilling & Overlay
  • Landscape Restoration