Assessment, Discipline and Return to Work

DeFord Contracting Inc. may discipline a worker who fails to comply with the Drug & Alcohol Policy. Discipline may include a variety of reasonable measures, up to and including termination for cause. Each case will be investigated for the appropriate disciplinary measure which will include the nature of the violation, the seriousness of the violation, and existence of prior violations.

This policy encourages employees who believe that they may require help provided by a substance abuse experts (SAEs) and employee assistance services programs (EAPs) to voluntarily request that help. An employee requesting help will not be disciplined unless he or she:

  • Has failed to comply with the alcohol and drug work rule;
  • Has been requested to confirm compliance with the alcohol and drug work rule;
  • Has refused the request to submit to an alcohol and drug test;
  • Has been involved in an incident under the OH&S Act;
  • Has been involved in an incident that has injured others;
  • Has been involved in a vehicle collision.

If substance abuse is confirmed or the employee is deemed unfit to work safely and effectively, the employee will be removed from the job and subject to the following measure by management &/or a Substance Abuse Expert (SAE):
  • Suspension from work and workplace without pay for 30 days.
  • Assistance to find professional help for drug & alcohol abuse will be offered.
  • A letter verifying that professional help was received must be submitted.
  • A negative test must be obtained before reinstatement of position.
  • Random drug testing for a period of 24 months.
  • Refusal to accept professional help may result in dismissal.
  • Any repeat offense WILL result in immediate dismissal for cause.

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