Supervisor shall:
  • Ensure that this policy is promoted and implemented with their area of responsibility;
  • Where the safety of the employee, their co-workers or any other person is, or could be, in danger, take immediate action to confront performance problems;
  • As part of the early identification process, ensure that appropriate action is taken if you believe employee performance is deteriorating due to the misuse of alcohol or the use of illicit drugs;
  • Refer for testing any employee whom you have reasonable cause to believe may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs and provide transport to testing site;
  • Ensure that any performance problem related to either alcohol or drugs is treated in a confidential manner.


The Employee Shall:
  • Report fit for duty and remain fit for duty while at work. An employee shall be deemed Unfit for Duty who has:
    • Alcohol
      • Breath smelling like alcohol, or concentration of 0.04 or greater;
      • Consumed alcohol while on duty;
      • Possess an open alcohol container while on duty.

    • Cannabis
      • An oral fluid concentration of 4 ng/ml or greater;
      • Used Cannabis while on duty (smoke or edibles);
      • Possesses an open Cannabis package or container while on duty.

  • Ensure they inform their supervisor about the use of any prescribed medication, and of any known side-effects of the medication that could negatively impact their performance.
  • Properly and responsibly manage the use of any prescribed medication.
  • Seek advice or assistance with a local drug/alcohol assistance program if aware of a real or potential personal abuse problem with alcohol or drugs.
  • Report for testing when and where required.
  • In the event of a real or perceived hazardous issue, report to management and address any instance of non-compliance with this policy.
  • If designated as “on-call”, the employee must remain Fit for Duty to respond to call. If the employee is under the influence when called in, the employee is to decline the work requested.
  • Participate actively in the promotion and implementation of this alcohol and drug program.
  • Employee must advise Supervisor if a person may not be fit for duty or be under the influence of alcohol, cannabis or other drugs.

There is no us without a healthy you.

Safety. Respect the unexpected.