Senior Management

  • To provide a statement of policy relating to the Safety Program. The statement provides a commitment and philosophy that sets levels of expectations for safety performance throughout the corporation;
  • To allocate responsibilities, accountability and authority for health & safety performance in the organization;
  • To maintain overall control of the Safety and Loss Prevention Program direction;
  • To ensure all established safety policies are administered and enforced uniformly;
  • To ensure that all field operations personnel are aware of and effectively practice the policies and procedures set out in the Safety Program.
  • To ensure annual review of the OH&S Management system is conducted, and continuous improvement strategies are implemented as required.
  • Ensure workers are competent to perform their job tasks or under the direct supervision of a competent worker.
  • Ensure that all equipment is maintained in a safe condition and is appropriate to the work performed.

There is no us without a healthy you.

Safety. Respect the unexpected.