• To ensure compliance to all OH&S regulatory requirements and DeFord’s H&S policies and procedures;
  • To ensure that all employees are competent to work in a safe manner and that they use all protective devices and procedures required by this company and by legislation to protect their health and safety;
  • To ensure all possible precautions are taken for the safety of the worker and those around;
  • To ensure personal protective equipment is used and maintained properly;
  • To advise all employees, contractors & visitors of any potential or actual dangers they may be exposed to & how to isolate, prevent or remove them;
  • To arrange for medical treatment as required in the case of injury or illness, including transportation to a doctor or hospital as necessary;
  • To report all near misses, injuries, damages, spills, workplace harassment/violence immediately, to investigate all accidents fully, and to advise management on how to prevent similar accidents in the future;
  • To carry out regular inspections of the work place, toolbox meetings and daily hazard assessments to ensure a safe and healthy environment;
  • To conduct observations of work site acts and conditions, to correct un-safe acts & conditions, to identify areas of opportunity for improvements;
  • To be aware of constantly changing worksite conditions, remediate where possible, and report to management as required.

There is no us without a healthy you.

Safety. Respect the unexpected.