Lightning Response (30/30 Rule)

In the case of a lightning storm and working outside, the foreman will be responsible for ensuring the workers are kept safe from being struck by lightning by following this policy: appropriate shelter should be taken when you can count 30 seconds or less between lightning and thunder. Remain sheltered for approximately 30 minutes after the last thunder in severe storm situations.

Equipment operators: as a conductor for lighting, the equipment should be abandoned to leave to more adequate shelter or close all doors and windows on the machine and stay inside until the foreman gives the all clear.
Laborers and grades men should take appropriate shelter in a building or a vehicle.

At times a storm will blow over very quickly; therefore, it is the discrepancy of the foreman on how long after the last thunder until we resume work.

**The speed of light travels faster than the speed of sound (that’s why we see the lightning first) and it takes approximately 5 seconds for the sonic boom to travel one mile**

There is no us without a healthy you.

Safety. Respect the unexpected.