Methods for Dealing with Fatigue

  • Inform and educate all workers about the FMP
  • Minimize extended hours of work when possible
  • Schedule rest days
  • Assess and control hazards and risks
  • Provide an honest, open and healthy work environment
  • Provide information and assistance
  • Recognize individual and crew fatigue
  • Give as much advance notice of extended hours as possible
  • Define whether the work is urgent or not
  • Ensure crew members have access to food and water
  • Take short and frequent breaks
  • Provide employees with options such as transfers, job sharing, etc.
  • Solicit short-term help to minimize the need for extended hours
  • Have crewmembers rotate and perform various functions of short duration during extended hours
  • Perform complex tasks earlier in the shift, if possible
  • After a long day, possibly start later the next day
  • Utilize the buddy system
  • Account for employees returning from sickness, absences and/or modified work
  • In conjunction with employees, identify health problems which may affect an employee’s ability to work extended hours i.e. diabetes
  • Be flexible and supportive when dealing with an employee with problems at home
  • Consider any options to limit travel time to and from work

There is no us without a healthy you.

Safety. Respect the unexpected.