Types of Fires

Class A: Wood, paper, rags, rubbish and other ordinary combustible materials.

  • Recommended Extinguishers: Water from a hose, pump type water can, or pressurized extinguisher, and soda acid extinguishers.
  • Procedure: Soak the fire completely – even the smoking embers.

Class B: Flammable liquids, oil and grease
  • Recommended Extinguishers: ABC units, dry chemical, foam and carbon dioxide extinguishers.
  • Procedure: Start at the base of the fire and use a swinging motion from left to right, always keeping the fire in front of you.

Class C: Electrical equipment
  • Recommended Extinguishers: Carbon dioxide and dry chemical (ABC units) extinguishers.
  • Procedure: Use short bursts on the fire. When the electrical current is shut off on a Class C fire, it can become a Class A fire if the materials around the electrical fire are ignited.

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