Training Policy


The purpose of this document is to define the conditions and guidelines surrounding DeFord Contracting Inc.'s policy of bearing the cost of necessary training for all employees.


DeFord Contracting Inc. will train all employees to the minimum standards required to perform the tasks of their jobs, such as WHMIS, TDG, Orientations, CSTS & On-The-Job training programs. All workers will receive training on the selection, use and care of PPE. These programs will be the responsibility of the company to cover all costs.

DeFord Contracting Inc. recognizes that some employees will require additional training as a condition of employment with the organization in order to perform the necessary tasks of the job. These could include: Airbrakes, Ground Disturbance, Leadership programs, First Aid to name a few.

Employees requiring training as a condition of employment will have all training expenses covered upfront by the organization. Provision of training expense coverage is conditional upon the following:
  • All training must be approved by management before the registration of any program;
  • The employee must successfully complete the training course within the designated time frame;
  • The employee will be responsible for all costs if employee does not complete, must re-take program, or fails to attend registered course;
  • The employee must remain employed with the organization for the full season following successful completion of training courses.

Should an individual choose to terminate his/her employment with the organization prior to the end of the season, the employee will be responsible for full repayment of training expenses to DeFord Contracting Inc.

In the event that the employee is terminated by the organization or laid off due to lack of work, the organization will not require repayment of training expenses. Should the employee be terminated for reasons such as gross misconduct, the employee will bear the responsibility of repayment.

Training Rates

  • All salaried employees taking training that may be required or will enhance their skills, do not get extra pay, as it would be part of the salary.
  • All on-boarding (orientations, WHMIS etc.) will be paid at the employee’s current rate, or at the training rate max of $24.00/hr, whichever is the lesser;
  • All hourly employees will be paid a max of $24.00 per hour while attending programs that are mandated or approved and pertains to their personal development;
  • Time sheets for any hourly training must be submitted to HR/Safety Department for approval for submission to payroll.

Professional Development

DeFord recognizes that certain positions have designations, yearly certification costs and required upgrading to keep these designations & certifications active. DeFord will pay the costs for Professional Development providing the following is followed:
  • All programs must be approved by management and be related to the position the employee is in;
  • DeFord will look at each certification and will approve costs on an individual basis;
  • If the employee is responsible for the costs, they must submit receipts or proof of completion.


If you have any questions or concerns about this policy or its related procedures please contact Safety Manager, and/or Human Resources.

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