In the event that an employee of DeFord Contracting Inc. violates company policy or exhibits problematic behavior, a system of progressive discipline shall be utilized.

Progressive Discipline can be issued on either: attendance, conduct, health and safety or performance concerns.

Employees will be given four opportunities to correct the unwanted behavior, unless the behaviour or concern is one of a severe nature, in which case, progressive discipline can be accelerated to match the violation. Typically, progressive discipline will progress through the following steps:

  1. Coaching - informal
  2. Verbal Warning - formal
  3. Written Warning - formal
  4. Final Written Warning with Possible Suspension - formal
  5. Termination

With each violation or apparent problem, the employee will be provided with a written document to: (1) alert them to the problem, provide a reiteration of the correct company policy regarding the violation, (2) advise them of the consequences associated with further infractions, and (3) provide a suggestion towards a method of improvement.

All formal warnings will be kept on file for a period of 24 months. If no further discipline happens within the time period, the warning will become inactive. If further offences relating to the issue have taken place, the warning will be attached to the next set of progressive disciplinary actions.

Degrees of discipline shall be used in relation to the problem at hand. As the situation dictates, based on the past performances of the employee, and the seriousness of the violation, DeFord Contracting Inc. reserves the right to skip the four step disciplinary process and move straight to termination where necessary.

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