Suspension and Review Period

During the final written warning, an employee may be suspended and/or put on review.

  • Suspension: Employees put on suspension will be excluded without pay from the workplace and from the vehicle driven for a period of one to three (1-3) days depending on the violation. Typically suspension will be for three (3) days unless the employee is required at work to complete projects or perform required duties.

  • Review: Employees may be put on a review period following the final written warning. The review period will last several days, weeks and/or months based on infraction and Manager Discretion. During the review period the employee will be excluded from wage increases and advancement, in addition is discouraged from taking vacation.

  • Termination of Employment: The final stage of progressive discipline is termination of employment. Termination of employment with DeFord Contracting Inc. may occur following an employee committing multiple violations of company policy, after the logical steps for progressive disciplinary action have been taken or immediately following a severe violation.

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