General Guidelines

It is DeFord Contracting Inc. policy to provide authorized employees who routinely require a vehicle for business purposes with a company issued vehicle. Use of a company issued vehicle is extended to employees as a courtesy of DeFord Contracting Inc. and should not be considered a right.

Employees authorized to utilize a company vehicle for business purposes and after working hours or for non-business purposes must understand and adhere to the following conditions:

  • All company vehicles are the property of (Sat Equipment) DeFord Contracting Inc.;
  • The employee is the only authorized driver of the company vehicle. DeFord Contracting Inc. will insure each of their vehicles and drivers for business purposes;
  • DeFord Contracting Inc. shall not extend any liability or insurance to any driver or passenger other than the authorized employee;
  • If your company issued vehicle is involved in an accident you must notify DeFord Contracting Inc. immediately, and follow all procedures that are established and required by DeFord Contracting Inc.'s insurance carrier;
  • Employees will be responsible for the full cost of damages as a result of any accidents occurring during non-business use regardless of who is at fault. At minimum, it will be half of the insurance deductible which the deductible at this time is $5,000.00;
  • Any authorized employee who allows the company vehicle to be driven by someone other than him/herself does so at his/her own risk and with full knowledge that in the event of an accident involving a non-employee driver or passenger in the company vehicle, DeFord Contracting Inc. shall not be held liable or responsible in any way;
  • You may operate our vehicle for personal purposes provided you understand and accept all risk associated with it, as if it were your own vehicle. i.e laptops, personal tools, clothing;
  • The use of company issued vehicles is not permitted without prior authority from Senior Management or their designate;
  • All non-passengers in a NCS DeFord vehicle must be approved by Senior Management or their designate;
  • Personal use of any NSC units or equipment, the operator must be approved and must be competent to use said equipment with proper information in training files;
  • Personal use travel remains within the specified travel radius of 1 ½ hours outside the City of Edmonton. Any use outside of the assigned territory or radius must have prior approval from Senior Management through your supervisor;
  • Personal use outside of the usual driving of the company vehicle to and from work must receive written permission prior to any unusual use such as vacation, trailer towing and moving purposes;
  • Fuel is the direct responsibility of the driver while using company equipment for personal use;
  • The vehicle is operated in a safe manner at all times and the vehicle is kept clean and in working condition.

Please see below for specific safety guidelines. Dispatch is to be made aware of all personal movement of more than 1 ½ hours radius of Edmonton and all NSC movement of vehicles and the equipment used before personal use.

  • Smoking: Smoking is strictly prohibited in all DeFord Contracting Inc. vehicles, equipment and job sites. All job sites must have a designated smoking area.

  • Driver's License: All individuals using DeFord Contracting Inc. motorized vehicles are required to possess a valid driver's license in good standing, and the license held must be valid for the type of motor vehicle being used. Any operator who has his/her driver's license revoked or suspended shall notify DeFord Contracting Inc. immediately. In this event, the operator shall immediately cease any usage of DeFord Contracting Inc. vehicles.

  • Driver Abstracts: Driver abstracts will be acquired for review for all drivers of DeFord Contracting Inc.'s vehicles on a yearly bases. All new employees and those that live out of province must supply new abstract each season before commencing work. This information will be use to confirm the operator's license, and any suspensions, convictions, and demerit points.

  • Seatbelts: All drivers and passengers of DeFord Contracting Inc. vehicles are required to wear their seatbelts at all times, no exceptions.

  • Cargo: In order to prevent injury to the operator of the vehicle, as well as bystanders, all cargo inside or on DeFord Contracting Inc.'s vehicles must be secured and stored safely at all times. This will prevent unintentional movement, damage to the vehicle, and/or cargo. DeFord Contracting Inc. vehicles should be kept clean, and free of refuse at all times. A clean vehicle reflects well on the company.

  • Traffic Laws: All vehicle operators are responsible for using the vehicle in a safe and responsible manner while conducting company or personal business and are to abide by all traffic laws while using DeFord Contracting Inc. vehicles.

  • Vehicle infractions: Each case will be looked at to determine the liability factors, safety factors, company image and the NSC exposure to the company’s Safety Profile, if any. All drivers will be responsible for all traffic violation costs/admin fees and any NSC infractions when operating/assigned DeFord vehicles whether operating equipment personally or while on the job.

  • Drugs and/or Alcohol: No vehicle operator shall drive DeFord Contracting Inc.'s vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, including at or beyond the local legal blood alcohol limit. Illegal drugs are not to be used, and operators are not to be under the influence of prescription drugs that cause drowsiness and other forms of impairment that prohibit the safe usage of motorized vehicles.

  • Handheld Devices: Usage of all handheld devices (examples: cell phones, PDA's, MP3 Players, GPS) is strictly prohibited while driving. Cell phone usage with a hands-free device is acceptable but must be kept at a minimum while operating DeFord Contracting Inc. vehicles.

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