Workplace Harassment/Violence Policy

The management of DeFord Contracting Inc. is committed to providing a work environment in which all workers are treated with respect and dignity. Harassment will not be tolerated from any person at or outside of the work site including, other employers (Prime Contractors), supervisors, workers, customers, visitors, contractors or sub-contractors and members of the general public.

DeFord Contracting Inc. as the employer, is committed to eliminating or controlling the hazard of harassment. Everyone is obligated to uphold this policy and to work together to prevent workplace harassment.
Reasonable action taken by the employer or supervisor relating to the management and direction of workers or a worksite is NOT workplace harassment.

In support of this policy, we have put into place, workplace harassment prevention procedures. It includes measure and procedures to protect workers from hazard of harassment and a process for workers to report incidents or raise concerns.

Supervisors will adhere to this policy and the supporting procedures. Supervisors are responsible for ensuring that measures and procedures are followed by workers and that workers have the information they need to protect themselves.

Every worker will be trained on Workplace Violence/Harassment and must work in compliance with this policy and supporting procedures. All workers are required to raise any concerns about harassment and to report any incidents to the appropriate person.

DeFord will investigate and take appropriate corrective action(s) to address all incidents and complaints of workplace harassment in a fair, respectful and timely manner.

DeFord pledges to respect the privacy of all concerned as much as possible. Employer will not disclose the circumstances related to an incident of harassment or the names of the parties involved except where necessary to investigate the incident, to take corrective action, to inform the parties involved in the incident of the results of the investigation and corrective action taken, or as required by law.

No worker can be penalized, reprimanded or in any way criticized when acting in good faith while following this policy and the supporting procedures for addressing situations involving harassment. This harassment policy does not discourage a worker from exercising the worker’s right under any law other law, including the Alberta Human Rights Act.
Program will be reviewed annually.

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